Requesting Permissions

This page is intended for authors seeking permission to reprint copyrighted content in unpublished manuscripts. If you are seeking permission to reprint content already published by MSU Press, please see our licensing MSU Press content page.

Do not leave permissions until the last minute. It usually takes weeks and sometimes months to identify rights holders, negotiate fees and other terms, and obtain countersigned agreements. Use the permissions log to track requests and responses. Press staff will review this log and copies of the permissions documentation before putting your manuscript into production. The more thorough your log, the less likely we will ask for anything more from you.

If you are new to requesting permissions or uncertain about when you need to do so, please read our copyright basics.

If you have the basics down and still have questions, you are in good company. See our list of additional resources on copyrights below.

Licensing MSU Press Content
Permissions Log Instructions
Sample Permissions Request